My Starkey

Leap connectivity barriers
in a single app

My Starkey app

Designed with the input of hearing aid wearers, My Starkey pairs with Genesis AI hearing aids to help you enjoy greater listening moments, improved well-being, and easier everyday living — all from the palm of your hand.

User friendly and easy to read, it delivers benefits far beyond just better hearing.

  • Adjust hearing aid settings, stream calls and even find lost aids with a variety of hearing control features.
  • Uses the science of the ear to accurately count steps, track engagement and help achieve well-being goals.
  • Translate languages, set reminders and take advantage of an array of features that make life easier.

A few of My Starkey’s many features

  • Smart Assistant

    Using your voice, you can adjust settings, set reminders, ask questions about hearing aid topics, and more.

  • Fall Detection

    The only hearing aid app that can help detect falls and alert family or friends — an industry first.

  • Edge Mode+

    Uses AI to optimize sound quality on-demand for either clearer speech or improved listening comfort.

  • Audio Streaming

    Enjoy music, TV and more, streamed to your hearing aids from your smartphone or wireless hearing aid accessories.

  • Personal health monitoring

    Accurately count steps, track engagement, and achieve well-being goals.

  • TeleHear

    Minimize visits to your hearing professional's office by requesting remote adjustments, via video chat.